Screaming O's 2018 Releases Pass Materials Testing Program

Screaming O's 2018 Releases Pass Materials Testing Program

LOS ANGELES — Screaming O announced today it is celebrating the third anniversary of its materials testing program.

Since launching the initiative in 2015, the company has worked with an independent laboratory to investigate every new product and material, ensuring that each item is safe for use. The latest round of testing has verified that the company’s recent product debuts are non-toxic and body-safe. 

According to account executive Conde Aumann, the testing program will continue with future releases.

“We look forward to maintaining our unwavering resolve to provide accessible, body-safe products to all consumers,” Aumann said. “It’s important to us that Screaming O fans have a safe, positive experience with our toys and accessories. This testing process goes above and beyond what is required, so we can guarantee healthy toys that promote a healthy sex life.”

Every new product developed and manufactured by Screaming O goes through a rigorous three-step process of review by an independent laboratory:

  • FTIR testing takes a chemical “photograph” to verify the product’s material ingredients.
  • XRF testing investigates the product for any potentially hazardous or restricted elements.
  • GC-MS testing looks for looks for hazardous substances that could leach out of the product during use. 

The 2018 product debuts, which were revealed at the ANME Founders Show, have passed their materials testing, verified as body-safe and non-toxic, the company reported. Polymer Solutions, an independent scientific laboratory, reviewed all materials used in each new product, including:

  • Flexible silicone, which is used in the Rechargeable toone
  • Smooth ABS, which  the Charged Positive Remote
  • Stretchy SEBS, like the Charged Big O Ring

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