PronCoin ICO Offers New Cryptocurrency

PronCoin ICO Offers New Cryptocurrency

LOS ANGELES — PronCoin has announced the launch of its cryptocurrency targeting adult businesses and fans.

According to the company, the expansion of cryptocurrency is undeniable and the resiliency of a new decentralized economy is also finally becoming obvious to the masses. Now the question that needs to be answered is “How can that economic power be harnessed properly to benefit the maximum number of people the most?”

To help answer this question, PronCoin is revealing how its unique framework boosts business.

“Many people in adult have already known me for decades and have learned that I do not invest my time in anything unless I am sure it will become successful,” explains PronCoin CEO Zoran. “Over the last 17 years I have developed and managed everything from well-known high traffic free sites to full paysite networks and beyond, so I understand the adult industry intimately from the ground up. At its core, PronCoin is about paying people to do many of the tasks they have already been doing for free for far too long.”

As for how Proncoin is different than other adult coins, Zoran says the company is “decentralizing the adult online industry where we can.”

“Right now, big companies are cashing in and taking money from visitors. We believe that decentralizing everything will be even better for the whole adult community because everyone can participate by uploading videos, sharing videos, posting likes, comments and more,” Zoran explains. “PronCoin reward tokens will be distributed to all who will participate in building and expanding our platforms, including porn stars, expos, shows, strip clubs and so many other access points into our database.”

Zoran says those who participate in building and expanding the platform will get their share of ad profits as well.

“All profits that the platform makes will be distributed to PronCoin owners with reward tokens and every user will be able to earn more by doing what he did before for free,” Zoran adds, asking, “Why will this be better for adult community, adult paysites, dating sites, live shows? For many, those tokens will become a perfect source of currency for impulse buys that include paysite memberships, cam shows, dating and more.”

Zoran notes every paysite, producer, or amateur star will have their own channels they can choose to manage or allow the PronCoin team to manage.

“In return, PronCoin pays with a 100 percent link to your paysite,” Zoran concludes. “Spending reward tokens will also allow you to create campaigns that will list you higher and in featured spots — helping your brand get more exposure, more traffic, and more customers.”

PronCoin allows users to avoid bank and credit card fees, chargebacks, refunds and other headaches caused by traditional processing methods. Also, distribution of PronCoins will be very easy, requiring only a wallet address under their account to get paid automatically on demand.

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