The Heaux Mentor on Siouxsie Q's 'The WhoreCast' Podcast

LOS ANGELES — Siouxsie Q featured The Heaux Mentor in the latest episode of “The WhoreCast” podcast, available for streaming and download at

“Historically, sex workers have often relied on informal mentorship relationships to learn the ins and outs of the industry, and I'm so excited that Lydia is formalizing that strategy,” Q said. “Education, resources and community building can save lives, and Lydia's platforms are catering to a population that has been largely ignored. From tax resources and knock off red bottom heels to a platform to help vulnerable workers avoid potential sex traffickers, Dupra is on a mission to serve her community now that she's retired from the front lines.”

According to a rep, Lydia Dupra has been called a lot of things in her journey as a sex worker, but now that she has retired from the front lines, she is known mostly as The Heaux Mentor. Last year she published her first e-book, “The Complete Guide to Escorting (Getting Started),” and made it available free online to sex workers everywhere.

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