Monthly Fetish Looks at 'Looning' in Latest Issue

TAMPA, Fla. — Monthly Fetish magazine took a look a the "looning" fetish in its latest issue.

“Balloons and inflatables are a growing fetish and the people who partake in them are called 'looners,'” a Monthly Fetish spokesperson said. “From inflating balloons to toying, playing and squishing to inflatable sex dolls to inflatable suits, the wide world of looning is very exciting and a fetish many people are starting to delve into … and maybe even you."

The issue is packed with articles about how to find other looners online, the “amazing world of balloon art,” the history of balloon fetish, the basics needed to become a looner and a story about a “hot load of air and other fetishes that brought one young British man over $5,000 a month."

This magazine asked Rocco Bach of RubYourToy, a store on Clips4Sale, to clear up misunderstandings people have about looning and inflatables. He discussed the attraction to inflatables, what types of clips are most popular in his store, what’s the ultimate inflatable and more

“The looners are a small, but tight-knit community,” said Jenn, the magazine's editor. “Many people are curious about the fetish but don’t know where to start. We hope this issue will help educate our readers and get them on the right path and open more than a few minds to a fetish they never even knew existed.”

To check out the issue, click here. Audio versions of the current issue are available on the Monthly Fetish YouTube Channel.