Pipedream Products Reports ANME Success

Pipedream Products Reports ANME Success

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Pipedream Products reported record-breaking sales at this week’s ANME Show with the introduction of several new collections, including the realistic Ultimate Fantasy Dolls.

“The reaction to our new releases was an overwhelming success, and we look forward to getting them to the market as soon as possible,” said Nick Orlandino, Pipedream's chairman and CEO. “We can’t wait to see the consumers' reactions once they hit the streets, and we urge our customers to place their orders now while supplies last.”

The sex dolls, Carmen and Kitty, feature posable steel skeletons inside their 5’5” and 5’6” figures.

Pipedream also introduced two new collections, Anal Fantasy Elite and Fantasy For Her, and expanded the bestselling Jimmyjane Love Pods, Pipedream Extreme Toyz, NEON and Classix collections. 

Jimmyjane debuted the PURE UV Sanitizing Mood Light, an all-in-one solution that combines the benefits of UV-C cleansing and discreet rechargeability within a contemporary nightlight. A new color option for the award-winning Jimmyjane FORM 2 was also introduced — Ultraviolet, a deep purple tone — as well as another member to the Jimmyjane Love Pod collection, TRE, featuring Jimmyjane’s exclusive Cyclonic Vibration technology. 

“We definitely raised the bar for technology and innovation this show,” said Kristian Broms, Pipedream's vice president of design. “From voice recognition to automated responses to UV-C sanitization, we used new technology to offer products that were unique and inventive to our valued customers.”

The company also introduced PDX Elite Speech Recognition Technology, an advanced interface that responds directly to verbal phrases. Several buyers already predicted that this technology would be the next big thing in our industry by comparing the experience to Siri or Alexa, the company said.

Voice also is the focus of Pipedream Extreme’s brand new Dirty Talk collection, featuring interactive voice and touch-activated responsive technology.

Two new additions to Pipedream’s King Cock rounded out its ANME new releases. Created with a lifelike movable foreskin featuring Pipedream’s exclusive Slide-Skin Technology. The King Cock Two Cocks One Hole collection provides the girthy realism of two cocks on top of one another to fulfill consumers’ double-dick fantasies.   

"Once again, we’ve proven that Pipedream is the industry leader in presenting bestselling items that consumers will love," said Steve Sav, Pipedream's vice president of sales. "Our team works hard to continually deliver unique products that help Pipedream and Jimmyjane stand out from the rest of the crowd."

A downloadable version of Pipedream’s January ANME 2018 new releases is available here.