Nutaku Announces 'Taps of Eradine' Is Now Live

Nutaku Announces 'Taps of Eradine' Is Now Live

MONTREAL — Nutaku has announced the game,“Taps of Eradine," is now available on its site.

According to a rep, the strategy clicker combines combat with evolution, as the user watches a party of nymphs evolve to unlock new artwork and adult scenes. The free to play, action-packed clicker also has an Android app in the works.

“Originally intended as a mini-demo showcase of the content from ‘Shards of Eradine,’ ‘Taps of Eradine’ has become a standalone title with exclusive content,” a Nutaku spokesperson said. “Inspired by ‘Tap Titans’ and ‘Pokémon,’ ‘Taps of Eradine’ offers over 40 different nymph types, 200-plus pieces of artwork to unlock and a unique ‘Dungeon Mode’ that adds another dimension to the clicker genre."

“Taps of Eradine is light-hearted and easy to play,” said David Brown, managing director of CryptidTech. “Most importantly, it’s damn good fun.”

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