PureTaboo.com Releases 'The Perfect Son'

PureTaboo.com Releases 'The Perfect Son'
MONTREAL — Gamma Films' PureTaboo has announced the release of its latest scene, "The Perfect Son," available now exclusively at PureTaboo.com.
The forbidden family roleplay fantasy stars Alexis Fawx as an emotionally — and physically — dependent parent towards her stepson Michael Vegas. When he brings home his new girlfriend (Arya Fae), the competition for Michael's affection gets … weird. 
"He's really developed into such a handsome, amazing, intelligent man!" gushes Fawx with pride. "Mom, stop, you're embarrassing me," Vegas responds awkwardly. Fae, however, finds the family display of affection charming … until she finds Alexis under the table servicing her stepson.
Directed by Bree Mills and Craven Moorehead, "The Perfect Son" takes a deeper look at the Oedipus complex gone wild, with what is described as "a scandalous three-way that includes an impressive squirting scene and facial finish."
Mills said, "Alexis was amazing in her role — the needy, clingy stepmom that can't really let go of her boy, she played it to perfection. Michael's embarrassment, Arya's horror upon finding out their secret … the scene is just incredible, and fans are going to love it."
For the full scene and trailer, click here. For more on the cast, visit the official PureTaboo.com cast pages of FawxFae and Vegas