's Magnus Sullivan Makes Headlines in Chile's Magnus Sullivan Makes Headlines in Chile

SANTIAGO, Chile — Magnus Sullivan — adult filmmaker, co-owner of and author of the “Better Than the Hand” blog and book — recently spoke in the Chilean capital city about male sexuality and the importance of a sex-positive culture.

Chile is an extremely conservative and very Catholic country, and certain aspects of Sullivan’s interview with Jaime Coloma, one of Chile’s best-known TV personalities, quickly made headlines in the country’s major media outlets. 

Within hours of the interview being posted to Coloma’s YouTube channel, La Quarta, one of Chile’s major daily newspapers, ran an article that focused on the nature of Sullivan’s personal life rather discussing the core points of his lecture and interview.

Sullivan contended in the interview that there’s a connection between the dysfunction in straight men’s sexual lives and relationships that’s tied to the shame and cultural limitations of what it means to be a man.  

The interview was also picked up by the popular website El Desconcierto, and the story continued to light up social media in this southernmost tip of the world. 

"I felt it was important on many levels to bring the message of and to Chile," Sullivan said.

“Chile also just elected a conservative businessman with little regard for humanity as president,” Sullivan said. “It’s particularly important to amplify a positive message about sexuality in as many countries as we can.

"Our industry is a global industry and we need to be part of a global dialogue to protect what we have and expand our reach.”