Voting Now Open for APAC Secretary Position

Voting Now Open for APAC Secretary Position

LOS ANGELES — APAC has announced that members can now cast their online votes for a new secretary here, to fill the current vacancy on the board.

Members may cast one vote from now until Jan. 15. The new board member will be inducted in January 2018 to complete the current 2017-2019 two-year board member term.

The current board is introducing Siouxsie Q, Della Dane and Alexa Grace as the secretarial candidates. Their bios can be found in the members-only voting area of the APAC website.

According to a company rep, "Our organization is continually growing and evolving in our advocacy. Historically we have been an organization run by committed volunteers who have been elected to serve on the board. We stand by our mission of improving work place safety, organized representation, and providing resources and education.

"There are misconceptions as to how APAC fits into the broader landscape of the industry, but let this be clear from the beginning to the present, APAC aims to serve the adult performer community," they continued. "APAC is the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee. We provide resources to sex worker-friendly mental health providers, legal support and community-based knowledge. We serve as an organizational force for imperative political action. And we hope to be a hub of the community and hold space for members to come together through nonviolent communication at our monthly meetings.

"We are a small, dedicated group of volunteers, but we are determined to bring together our community to overcome challenges, differences and stigma that impact our industry and organization," concluded the rep. "Looking to the future, we are hoping to create more opportunities for volunteer-minded APAC members to support our ongoing service projects."

The board extended its thanks to the candidates for "stepping up to run for our open secretary position and members who make up our organization." Current performers interested in becoming a member of APAC can click here.