zBUCKz Announces Launch of SpunkU.com

zBUCKz Announces Launch of SpunkU.com

LOS ANGELES — zBUCKz has announced its newest site, SpunkU.com, is now live and ready to promote.

According to the studio, SpunkU stands for Spunk University, a college that teaches all of the aspects of working in the adult industry. That includes courses in underwear and nude modeling, acting in porn videos, production including filming, video editing and photography.

Students that graduate with “highest honors,” Summa Cum Laude, are guaranteed a six-month contract with a major studio. Others are offered a position to work at the university.

Produced by Dell Douglas, the site features a mix of college students, straight guys and aspiring adult stars. Dyk's Place is popular among students to rent efficiency apartments, private rooms, poolside apartments.

SpunkU, according to a rep, teaches all niches along with gay and straight porn. The site features all original and exclusive content, and is being updated on a weekly basis.

"We've been wanting to have a site featuring hot college studs, jocks and straight guys and SpunkU really delivers," said zBUCKz manager Danny Zeeman. "It brings a fresh and creative twist to the niche and is selling great on all forms of gay traffic.”

The website features a mix of condom and bareback scenes, solo videos, group competitions and orgies. Many of the scenes are filmed outdoors.

"Keeping with the theme of the site was first and foremost,” said the site's director, Dell Douglas. “You'll see models exchanging ideas on their videos, working the cameras filming scenes, and models following the direction of their instructors during filming of the videos. All of this brings about the reality of learning what it takes to work in and be part of the adult sex industry while still delivering hot scenes for our viewers. Among the photography included on the site, you'll find the artistic erotic nudes using shadows and lighting working in the studio with models, as well as the outdoors," he said.

In coordination with the site launch and the holidays, the company is offering a limited time $14.95 lifetime membership or $99 one year promotion from Dec. 23 through Jan. 2.

For more information on SpunkU.com, contact doug@zbuckz.com or sign up at zBUCKz.com to promote the site.