Jasmin Makes Hollywood Film Festival Debut

Jasmin Makes Hollywood Film Festival Debut

HOLLYWOOD — Jasmin has announced its first appearance at a Hollywood film festival.

Jasmin’s content was selected and shortlisted at the California International Shorts Festival.

“This marks a huge milestone in the website’s history,” states a Jasmin spokesperson, “as breaking through to a mainstream audience and market is no simple feat.”

The aim of the California International Shorts Festival is to help and encourage independent filmmakers and writers by providing a showcase platform for their talents in a social networking environment.

The type of content presented at the festival includes narrative shorts, documentary shorts, animated shorts, experimental shorts, student shorts, foreign shorts, music videos, commercials and short scripts.

Jasmin started its project of creating high-quality content three years ago and has been doing it full steam since, with thousands of video and picture submissions happening every year.

“Being featured at a film festival is another triumph that separates Jasmin from its competitors,” the spokesperson adds, “and serves as proof that this leader in the live streaming world is dictating trends.”