Girlsway Celebrates the Sisterhood in 'The Sorority Bid'

Girlsway Celebrates the Sisterhood in 'The Sorority Bid'

MONTREAL — Gamma Films’ Girlsway Network has announced the release of its latest WebYoung scene, “The Sorority Bid,” available now at

According to the company, the new scene, directed by Stills by Alan, marks the Girlsway debuts of Arya Faye, Riley Star and Chloe Scott alongside Kristen Scott, May 2017’s Girl of the Month, who is currently in the running for Girlsway Girl of the Year.

In “The Sorority Bid,” Chloe visits a sorority house she wants to join and finds an eye-popping surprise on the other side of a bedroom window with Arya and Riley. Chloe’s voyeurism is interrupted by a suspicious Kristen: “It’s not what it looks like, I swear!” says Chloe, as Kristen leads her to the bedroom for a foursome.

“Three brand-new performers and a Girlsway Girl of the Month in one amazing scene,” said Stills by Alan. “They all had great chemistry, Kristen was great in making Arya, Riley and Chloe feel comfortable and their scene came out beautifully.”

“The Sorority Bid” is also a Member Fantasy scene, submitted by online community member OPTIMUS9P as a potential Girlsway storyline.

“We are so grateful for the wealth of story ideas from our members,” said Stills by Alan. “From casting to the location settings, we consider fan input so important and valuable to the production process.”

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