TrafficStars Helps User Experiences Ahead of Google Crackdown

TrafficStars Helps User Experiences Ahead of Google Crackdown
Stephen Yagielowicz

LIMASSOL, Cyprus — TrafficStars has announced it is deploying its powerful proprietary ad serving technology to improve user experiences ahead of Google’s war against “misleading ads.”

According to the company, big publishers are already making moves before Google begins to enforce penalizations for what has been referred to as “misleading ads.” In response, TrafficStars has equipped its publishers with the technology to quickly and easily prohibit such ads from being displayed on their sites.

Google’s guidelines will affect experiences on a site that are identified as being misleading to visitors, with an aim of increasing visitors’ enjoyment of the site and also the likelihood they’ll return. The move by some publishers to take action ahead of the wider industry has been welcomed by TrafficStars, which is dedicated to providing high-quality traffic to its advertisers.

“We recognize and accept our responsibility to help improve the overall health of the online ecosystem,” TrafficStars CEO Geoffrey Bonnechère said. “Our proprietary technology allows us to effortlessly identify misleading elements from ads and limit where these ads are shown, which makes it easy for us to comply with changes in the industry such as this.”

Bonnechère noted this technology is available to all publishers and we welcomes such changes on the company’s platform, which all ultimately lead to higher quality traffic for its advertisers.

“We have teams of experts on hand to help publishers and advertisers to adapt to the regulations coming soon to the industry, which will ultimately improve our publishers’ user experience, and therefore the quality of traffic for our advertisers,” Bonnechère added. “High-quality traffic is important to us, so we appreciate this industrywide shift in this direction.”

Several large publishers have already decided to no longer allow any banner elements suggesting that the banner is any type of message, call, dialog box or other types of notification to be served on their ad spots, including banners with messages written to address the user directly or request some form of interaction. Such banners will be identified using TrafficStars’ proprietary flagging system and will not be served on any publishers that adhere to these guidelines.

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