Issues Statement on Passing of August Ames Issues Statement on Passing of August Ames

SAN FRANCISCO — Adult studio released a statement relative to the passing of performer August Ames. said the following:

This week, we were saddened to learn that August Ames, a performer whom we admired but never worked with, had taken her own life. Our hearts go out to her family, and those in our community who knew and loved her. Depression and mental illness are complicated, multifaceted issues, and no one should ever claim to know the cause or motivation. Much blame has been placed on social media, but it's rarely that simple.

That said, we've watched disturbed as battles over performer issues relating to performers, healthcare and LGBTQ people have become increasingly vitriolic. Maybe it's a symptom of our larger culture, or a changing industry. But as a company that prides itself on our work with performers of all backgrounds and sexualities, and understands the complex issues that gird consent, we want to offer a plea for compassion, tolerance and civility in these discussions. It isn’t always easy to discuss these issues, but the stakes are too high to stop.

Kink is committed to the safety of our community — online and off. We agree with APAC’s call to “practice empathy, compassion, and the willingness to participate in nonviolent communication to mediate conflict and work toward better interpersonal understanding.”

It’s important to remember that no two people are the same: fostering collaboration while maintaining individual autonomy is central to how we operate. We expect that conversations between our performers, colleagues and fans be held to the same standards as our on-set interactions: safe, sane and consensual. Online or offline, on-set or in casting, we look to the Kink mission statement, and expect everyone we work with to those around us with compassion, understanding and respect.