Creative Conceptions Releases Predictive Pecker

Creative Conceptions Releases Predictive Pecker
Melissa Santana

LOS ANGELES — Creative Conceptions has announced the release of the Predictive Pecker, a “sexual fortune teller.”

“Many people will remember the Miracle Fish, a classic novely item from their childhood that was famous for prediciting peoples fortunes,” a spokesperson said. “Breathing new life into the popular party-piece, Creative Conceptions has reinvented it as a Predictive Pecker for the adult market! 

“The little red fish has been lovingly remodled as a little red cock and balls dishing out sex instructons for adults wanting to add a little playful fun to their sex life,” the spokesperson added. “As before, users place the Predictive Pecker on the palm of their hand, and watch with lip-biting anticipation whilst it wriggles, twists and flips to deliver their sexual fate.”

The toy comes individually wrapped and with a pictorial reference guide making it easy for couples to see what sexual position they must take. If just the bellend moves, the instruction is "Give Head"; just the balls means "Hand Job"; both ends will result in a 69; curling up at the sides will mean "Cunnilingus"; no move means a missionary; flips over will be "Doggie Style"; and if it crinkles up completely the user can choose to do all the other actions or just go to sleep. 

“I’m really excited about the Pecker,” said Jane Bowles, Creative Conceptions Founder. “It’s something I’ve always wanted to make as I remember the fun we used to have with it as kids. I’m sure lots of people will be able to identify with him which is great. He’s a really versatile play mate as couples can personalise their Pecker by choosing their own meanings to the positions. It’s great fun and just in time for Christmas!”

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