Video: ManShop Launches New Video Series Showcasing Toy Manufacturers

Video: ManShop Launches New Video Series Showcasing Toy Manufacturers

SAN FRANCISCO — has announced its launch of a new video series showcasing the creative and passionate personalities behind today’s top toys and their manufacturers.

In the first video in the new series, “Everything You Need to Know About Penis Pumps and More,” Chris Kalev, the man behind LA Pumps rebranding and growth strategies, talks big about pumping and the art of enlargement with Manshop’s Magnus Sullivan.

“While there are many products and personalities worthy of praise,” said a company spokesperson, “nothing quite compares to the dramatic visuals of pumping and the magnetic personality and passion for their product of Chris Kalev.”

The spokesperson noted that while the interview was originally scheduled to last 30-45 minutes, the pair filled three hours with important and entertaining tips, techniques and anecdotes with the full interview with Kalev set to be released over the next two weeks on ManShop’s YouTube channel.

Sullivan, who recently authored a book on male sexuality and masturbation entitled, “Better Than the Hand, How Masturbation Is the Key to Better Sex & Healthier Living,” was inspired to profile the people behind the great toys on the market because he realized that many consumers often don’t understand how to best use a toy or what differentiates toys in the same category.

When he met Kalev at a recent novelty convention, Sullivan wanted to get Kalev’s enthusiasm and commitment to quality in front of his customers.

“There is no better way to sell a toy than to communicate the kind of passion that many manufacturers have for their product,” says Sullivan. “You can tell when someone genuinely loves and uses their toys and isn’t just there to make a buck or push their product with marketing-speak.”

“Chris is definitely in a rarified category of toy manufacturer and my goal is to profile the people in this industry who are all-in, who love sex and genuinely want others to improve their sex lives,” Sullivan adds. “I wanted to start the series off right, and launching with Chris was a no-brainer.”

The video series is part of a larger effort by to improve the dialog and access to information around male sexuality, masturbation and the use of toys. As part of this effort, it publishes a blog,, to address the connection between culture, sexuality, and relationships.

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