World Wide Modeling Network Reminds Clients of Health Insurance Deadline

World Wide Modeling Network Reminds Clients of Health Insurance Deadline
Stephen Yagielowicz

MIAMI — World Wide Modeling Network (WWM.Network) is out to remind performers that December 15 is the last day to secure a health insurance plan for 2018.

“There have been some changes in the healthcare insurance structure this year, and not many people are aware of them,” states a World Wide Modeling Network spokesperson. “We offer a personalized benefit consulting team to help find the best insurance plan before December 15.”

“We have implemented a proven fan sponsorship program,” the spokesperson explains, “where models can have their fans help pay their health insurance.”

WWM.Network’s unique platform was launched earlier this year to help the live cam model community locate reputable health insurance options, financial advisors, photographers and agencies, and to offer assistance in managing their careers, branding, and online image.

Performers can make use of the network’s advice from a health professional who will assist in pricing insurance plans with available carriers and discuss other long-term options, including banking and financial planning/retirement.

“The live content industry can provide a lucrative career for performers,” the spokesperson concludes, “and we believe it’s important to provide a supportive service that educates and assists this growing community with health and financial success.”

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