Brand Ambassador Kat Dior Featured in IR Scene

Brand Ambassador Kat Dior Featured in IR Scene
Stephen Yagielowicz

LOS ANGELES — Karups has announced the release of its newest interracial sex scene, “Here For One Thing,” featuring its brand ambassador, Kat Dior, and partner Tyler Knight, in their first time working together.

According to the company, “Here For One Thing” follows the familiar millennial story of two strangers connecting on a dating app and deciding to meet under the premise of watching a movie, but quickly reveal their sexual intentions once they’ve met up.

Dior notes that this scene, her first for Karups, was full of genuine passion.

“This was such a fun day,” Dior says. “Tyler and I were so hot for each other, and that passion really came through in the finished product!”

“Directing Kat Dior and Tyler Knight was a genuine pleasure,” said director Andre Madness. “They had never worked together before and capturing authentic moments of real passion happened a lot.”

“The sexual chemistry shared between these two was incredible,” Madness adds, “and the fans are sure to enjoy.”

Those sentiments were echoed by scene co-star Tyler Knight, who recently scored a Best Supporting Actor nomination for the 2018 XBIZ awards.

“For me, working with Kat Dior for Karups was a red-letter day in a 15-year career. Easily among my top five favorite scenes out of over 1,000,” Knight says. “Chemistry between Ms. Dior and me elevates this scene. Kat is a goddess, and I was just happy to be there.”

The trailer for “Here For One Thing” can be seen here.