Brazzers' Infographic Reveals Canadians' 'Most Bizarre Searches'

Brazzers' Infographic Reveals Canadians' 'Most Bizarre Searches'
Stephen Yagielowicz

BURBANK, Calif. — Brazzers, in collaboration with Trendzz, has announced its release of an infographic revealing the most bizarre searches conducted on by Canadian members.

According to the company, Trendzz asked Brazzers about the most shocking, double-take worthy searches conducted by Canadians on the adult site this year. To be classified as “bizarre,” the search terms had to stand out as being infrequently if at all, used on site and in scenes.

Diving into the data, here are some of the most noteworthy findings:

Of all Canadian provinces, the eight provinces with the most vulgar searches by far are Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Nova Scotia, with each province having at least two unique keywords that were most searched on site above other provinces.

Ontario was the province with the most unique bizarre search terms that would make one double-take, including keywords such as Amish, coach, credit card, grandma, hipster, and emo.

Quebec follows in second place with the most unique bizarre search terms such as granny, French booty, syrup and olive oil.

In third place, we find Manitoba with food truck, meat rocket, sandal and shoe.

Canadians are seemingly more interested in mother lesbians, hipster and fisting this year than last year, while conversely, searches for police and milking decreased by 53 percent and 22 percent respectively since last year.

The full infographic and search summary is available here