Satisfyer Announces Mainstream Advertising Plans for 2018

Satisfyer Announces Mainstream Advertising Plans for 2018
Melissa Santana

GERMANY — Satisfyer has announced it is planning "huge" advertising measures for the upcoming 2018 year.

According to a rep, before Satisfyer starts its three-year worldwide TV and online advertising campaign, worth more than $100 million, the German brand is currently testing out advertising with several major women magazines.

“Satisfyer is celebrating the end of the year big,” a Satisfyer spokesperson said. “Satisfyer is taking the lead in sexual wellness by attempting to educate and communicate directly with over 60 million of its consumers each month.” 

Satisfyer’s Jerome Bensimon said, “In Elle Magazine’s December issue, Satisfyer printed eight pages of educational material. Advertising will also include online campaigns on Satisfyer is breaking a rule that has forbidden adult toys to advertise in women’s mainstream magazine worldwide with sex toys. Satisfyer will reach, just this month, over 25 million of American Elle readers (print issue and online)."

“As we strongly believe in consistency, we’ve decided to extend our massive investment and partnership with [U.S.] Elle for the year of 2018 and will be present every single month alternatively with ads and education on print issue and online,” Bensimon added.

“Starting in January, we will ensure brand building, ad recognition, as well as increasing selling out rates for all our retailers. With the same strong building and investing in future spirit, we are really proud to announce, that we’ve just signed a similar agreement with [U.S.] Cosmopolitan, adding over 35 million of consumers monthly, taking an active role in educating on sexual wellness and promoting our brand.

“Also, we are working on a new Satisfyer Women TV spot,” Bensimon said. “ We are also working on a worldwide campaign in cooperation with Europe’s most prestigious and awarded advertising agency, Jung von Matt (Mercedes Benz, Audi, Vodafone, Angela Merkel, Sixt rental car etc.). Shooting started already early in November in the U.K., but the world premiere will be released at end of January in 2018.”

Following its strategy, Satisfyer hopes to be one of the most advertised brands worldwide in 2018.