PureTaboo Debuts 'Prom Night,' Starring Whitney Wright

PureTaboo Debuts 'Prom Night,' Starring Whitney Wright

MONTREAL — PureTaboo has announced the release of "Prom Night," starring Whitney Wright and available now exclusively at PureTaboo.com.

In the scene, Wright enjoys a romantic limo ride to prom with her date Codey Steele, until she realizes that their driver isn't taking them to prom, but to three waiting suitors (Kyle Mason, Robby Echo and Matt Sloan) out in the middle of nowhere.

According to director Bree Mills "this is the extreme version of the classic 'losing your virginity at prom' scenario, mixed with taking a wrong turn into an unknown location and that fear of 'where are you taking me?'"

"Prom Night" treats viewers to not only Wright's "intense five-way gangbang, but a mind-blowing blowbang that will keep fans on the edge of their seats" throughout the entire scene.

"Whitney is fairly new to the business and already she's such a passionate performer," said Mills. "She did an amazing acting job, conveying the fear, anxiety, anticipation and desire of her character perfectly."

To get a taste of the "Prom Night" teaser, vist PureTaboo’s official Twitter and follow them on Instagram.