i.Con 'Smart Condom' Measures Performance, Warns of STIs

i.Con 'Smart Condom' Measures Performance, Warns of STIs

LONDON — British Condoms is marketing a new "smart condom" called the i.Con that uses nano-chip technology to measure sexual performance and detect STIs.

With a reusable, one-size-fits-all band that looks like a Fitbit, the $80 device enables users to check out logged data on their smartphones.  

The i.Con measures the number of calories burned during sex, the speed of a man’s thrusts and how long he lasts, according to lead engineer Adam Levers. The i.Con also will help indicate potential STIs present.

The band slides around the base of a penis and can be paired up with a normal condom, he said.

“It’s here and it’s beautiful,” Levers told Metro. “We wanted the i.Con to look refined, non-intrusive and lightweight. There is absolutely no hindrance to the user and that was our main goal.”

i.Con currently is available for pre-order on British Condoms' website. It ships in January.