ScrewBox Offers 'Trip to Puna Cana' Affiliate Contest

ScrewBox Offers 'Trip to Puna Cana' Affiliate Contest
Stephen Yagielowicz

LOS ANGELES — ScrewMoney has announced a special promotion awarding the ScrewBox affiliate with the most sales over this holiday weekend with an all-inclusive trip to Punta Cana.

The contest runs Thursday through midnight on Monday.

According to the company, the winner will be treated like a king or queen and waited on hand and foot by the ScrewBox models in a tropical paradise. The second-place winner will receive an iPad loaded with ScrewBox content.

“The ScrewCrew is going on vacation and they want to take you with them,” ScrewBox Owner and director Jakodema said. “We had a trip scheduled for next year for some R&R and content shooting in Puna Cana, so we figured why not bring a top affiliate with us so they can enjoy some of the screw lifestyle.”

In addition to the free trip giveaway, ScrewBox will offer special pricing for members to help drive sales, so “be sure to promote for a chance to win a trip of a lifetime,” Jakodema added.

For contest rules email