The Tremor Unveils 2 New Attachments

The Tremor Unveils 2 New Attachments
Melissa Santana

LAS VEGAS — The Tremor has announced the release of two new attachments, the Tremolo and the Fretful Rabbit, which are available now and shipping.

Additionally, through Jan. 1, the Tremor is offering the a package for $699 with the coupon code “RockSanta.” 

“The response to The Tremor as a product has been overwhelming,” said Pete Housley of Naughty Business. “We’ve been flooded with consumers and adult industry performers giving us positive feedback as well as suggestions on what to do next. We’ve been listening and are excited to introduce two new attachments that are unique to The Tremor; again at a fraction of the cost of other product attachments.”

The Tremolo and the Fretful Rabbit in Tremor’s signature red are now available on the Tremor website for $24.95 including shipping. According to the company, the Tremolo is similar in design to the original Whammy Bar insertion attachment, which ships with the Tremor package.

However, the Tremolo attachment offers wider girth and more length along with a smooth top surface. The Tremolo measures 1.4” diameter, 4.75” tall and like all The Tremor attachments is made of 100 percent silicone.

Like the fret of the fingerboard on the neck of a guitar the Fretful Rabbit is styled like a classic "rabbit,” made of 100 percent silicone and offers vibrating stimulation to the clitoris through its extended, flexible rabbit ears combined with the graduated insertion piece designed to hit the g-spot.

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