Mia Li's 'Don't Fake it Till You Make it' Course Debuts Tonight

Mia Li's 'Don't Fake it Till You Make it' Course Debuts Tonight

LOS ANGELES — Adult performer and sex educator Mia Li will be teaching “Don’t Fake it Till You Make It” this evening, a livestreamed course on improving communication in the bedroom. 

“When I originally signed on at O.school as a pleasure professional, I knew that the work I’d be doing would be geared toward dispelling the myths often perpetuated by pornography,” Li said. “I’ve been working in adult film for four years and I’ve always known that content I was creating was entertainment and not education.

“Because there are such gaps in sexual education and stigma around having frank conversations about sex,” she continued, “I’m glad that O.school exists to provide inclusive, pleasure-centered and trauma-informed sexual education.” 

Li’s class “Don’t Fake it Till You Make It” will be livestreamed tonight from 8-9 p.m. (PST). 

During the one-hour class, she will discuss how societal expectations and limited models of sexual communication has led to a common practice of faking orgasms, as well as teaching sex language skills and self-exploration practices to combat sexual miscommunication.  

According to a rep, O.school is building a shame-free space by offering pleasure education through live streaming and moderated chat. For more information, visit the calendar to see a full listing of upcoming courses here.

For more information on LI, visit her YouTube channel or follow her on Twitter.