Motorbunny Rolls Out 5-Year Warranty, 10-Year Quality Guarantee

Motorbunny Rolls Out 5-Year Warranty, 10-Year Quality Guarantee

LOS ANGELES — Motorbunny is extending its warranty to five years, and is announcing an additional ten-year Quality Guarantee Program.

The new five-year warranty is valid for any original purchaser of a Motorbunny.

The ten-year quality guarantee ensures that even after five years, Motorbunny owners are given attractive options in the unlikely case they encounter mechanical issues with their units, the company reported.

The program allows original Motorbunny owners who can provide proof of purchase to be offered repairs or 50 percent off a replacement unit, whereas the five-year warranty offers repairs or a replacement unit, both subject to the preference of Motorbunny at the time of inspection. 

“A healthy warranty extension has always been in the plans for Motorbunny,” said Craig Mewbourne, product experience director. “We’re committed to building long-term relationships with customers, and we want to put a ring on it, so to speak.

“We’ve heard feedback from customers who are comparing Motorbunny with Sybian or other ride-on-top vibrators that our warranty was the only feature that was lacking.  While a shorter-term warranty was necessary initially, our policy has been to make sure the company is behaving responsibly on all levels,” Mewbourne added. “That meant ensuring we weren’t guaranteeing something that we weren’t 100 percent certain we had the manpower, inventory and bandwidth to back up. Now we can confidently say to customers that Motorbunny is the best ride-on-top in the industry in every category.

“All Motorbunny customers to-date will be covered retroactively by the new Warranty Policy, and we’re working to make sure they are aware of that,” Mewbourne concluded. “After all, early purchasers are a big part of the company’s strength and a reason we’re able to include a more generous policy going forward. We’d love to thank each of them personally. If we can’t, the least we can do is thank them through a stronger guarantee.”

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