Tenga Releases Flip Zero Electronic Vibration

Tenga Releases Flip Zero Electronic Vibration

TOKYO — Tenga has released the latest generation of its Flip Zero, which features vibration.

“Launched in 2016, the Flip Zero was our re-imagining of the Flip Hole series after 10 years in business,” the company said on its blog. “On launch, it was an immediate hit — which is why it’s so exciting to now announce our newest release, the Flip Zero Electronic Vibration.”

The Flip Zero EV has the same general construction as the Flip Zero — including a flip-open structure, internal details and a unique design — with the addition of vibration.

“There are two separate vibrating cores — one on each side on opposing ends, for even distribution throughout the whole item,” the company said. “What’s cool about this is that they are built right into the elastomer, not stuck on the outside (which can be a real buzzkill). This prevents the vibrations from dissipating into the material — the user is sandwiched between both cores, for stimulation that is that much more direct.”

The Flip Zero EV features five different vibration modes and is rechargeable. It is also waterproof.

To celebrate the launch, Tenga is giving away five Flip Zero EVs. Click here for more information.