ManyVids Opens Production Pad in Montreal

ManyVids Opens Production Pad in Montreal

MONTREAL — ManyVids has announced it is cutting the ribbon on its new 3,500-square-foot MV Loft in Montreal.

Designed to be a content studio as well as a home away from home for MV Stars, ManyVids is inviting select performers to spend a week at the MV Loft.

ManyVids’ PR coordinator Stephanie said the opening is “a very exciting moment” for the company.

“The MV Loft was created to help give more exposure to MV Stars by promoting them as much as possible. Our MV Marketing Team is composed of true marketing masters who want to help propel our MV Stars to the top of the MV Community,” Stephanie said. “If you want to be MV Famous, being part of the MV Loft will bring [you] there in no time.”

Stephanie said ManyVids will invite four MV Stars to the MV Loft every week for a five-day, four-night stay, during which they can create their own original content, either alone or with their fellow MV Loft roommates.

In addition, ManyVids is planning to produce a wide variety of original content that will promote their MV Stars.

“At the MV Loft, the MV marketing team is standing by to put you through the MV promo machine,” Stephanie says. “We want to transform you from an MV star into an MV superstar by making you the focus of a professional photoshoot and a professionally shot solo vid, by interviewing you live on the MV Podcast, by shooting you in fun vids that will appear on the MV Pop YouTube channel and on the MV Blog and by plastering you all over our social media accounts.”

The MV Loft is not all work, it’s also a great environment in which to play, where MV Stars can explore the city of Montreal during their free time, as well as enjoy the extras that ManyVids offers, such as a bottle of champagne, limo rides, and a gift bag filled with goodies.

“To cap off the week of excitement,” Stephanie said, “every Thursday, MV Loft residents will also be the VIP guests of honor at the official MV After Party held at the Somwhr Liquor Lounge, one of trendiest clubs in the area where they’ll have unlimited free drinks and private security.”

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