Retail Industry Nominees for 2018 XBIZ Exec Awards Announced

Retail Industry Nominees for 2018 XBIZ Exec Awards Announced

LOS ANGELES — XBIZ is pleased to announce the 100 finalist nominees for the retail industry edition of the 2018 XBIZ Exec Awards

Selection of nominees was based on a multitude of factors including leadership ability, business acumen, positive community influence and overall career success as submitted by industry peers via social network

The retail industry edition of the XBIZ Exec Awards will be presented at an exclusive awards ceremony set for Wednesday, Jan. 17 during the XBIZ 2018 events series, taking place Jan 15-19, at the Andaz hotel in West Hollywood, Calif.

The XBIZ Exec Awards recognize outstanding individuals who play a key role in the success of prominent brands. Additionally, Women In Adult will recognize the Woman of the Year with a special award presented during the ceremony. 

As with last year, the 2018 XBIZ Exec Awards will be presented in 10 categories, each honoring a specific discipline, quality or trait that distinguishes the industry’s most influential players by highlighting their creativity, dedication and drive for success.

Voting for the 2018 XBIZ Exec Awards, which begins tomorrow on, will run through midnight on Tuesday, Nov. 14.

The nominees for the retail industry edition 2018 XBIZ Exec Awards are:

Account Executive of the Year     

  • Daniel Holman, Screaming O
  • Danielle Seerley, Shibari
  • Denise Young, Blush Novelties
  • Emily Silva, Sportsheets
  • Gabe Segura, Doc Johnson
  • Kim Maty, Entrenue
  • Michelle Liss. Paradise Marketing
  • Mona Madrigal, Pipedream Products
  • Roxana Mendoza, CalExotics
  • Sabrina Earnshaw, Lovehoney

Business Development Executive of the Year  

  • Brent Aldon, Aneros
  • Carrie Smith, Wicked Sensual Care
  • Kate Hodgson-Egan, Lovehoney
  • Kristen Denton, Doc Johnson
  • Lupe Martinez, CalExotics
  • Monique Carty, Nexus Range
  • Rebecca Weinberg, XR Brands
  • Rob Phaneuf, Pipedream Products
  • Ryan Fraga, Oxballs
  • Simon Smith, We-Vibe

Brand Ambassador of the Year 

  • Benny Neff, Blush Novelties
  • Cheryl Flangel, Pipedream Products
  • Conde Aumann, Screaming O
  • Eddie Romero, Vibratex
  • Frank Kok, Kiiroo
  • Jack Morocco, Crave Innovation
  • Janet Reynolds, NS Novelties
  • Kerin DeFrancis, Doc Johnson
  • Marco Tortoni, FT London
  • Robin Stewart, Jopen

Community Figure of the Year

  • Adam Hasner, The Rabbit Company
  • April Lampert, Hot Octopuss
  • Briana Watkins, Pipedream Products
  • Coyote Days, Good Vibes
  • Dennis DeSantis, Cousins Group
  • Jessica Drake, Wicked
  • Kimberly Faubel, Clandestine Devices
  • Michelle Marcus, Sliquid
  • Nicole McCree, Classic Erotica
  • Zachary Goode, Electric Eel

Marketing Executive of the Year 

  • Allison Travers, Eldorado
  • Anthony Pingicer, ECN
  • Cassie Pendleton, Wicked Sensual Care
  • Erin Viereck, Williams Trading Co.
  • Gideon Perez, Screaming O
  • Joanne Queenin, Sportsheets
  • Kristen Tribby, Fun Factory
  • Nichole Grossmann, CalExotics
  • Ryann Brooks, Doc Johnson
  • Stephanie Keating, We-Vibe

Progressive Leadership Award  

  • Adam Lewis, Hot Octopuss
  • Alex Fine, Dame Products
  • Alicia Sinclair, COTR
  • Ari Suss, XR Brands
  • Autumn O'Bryan, Topco Sales
  • Bob Pyne, Williams Trading
  • Chad Braverman, Doc Johnson
  • Chris Bakker, Eropartner Distribution
  • Frederic Walme, Fun Factory
  • Toon Timmermans, Kiiroo

Senior Leadership Award

  • Austin Ferdinand, CalExotics
  • Cathy Ziegler, Kheper Games
  • Colin Roy, Sliquid
  • Hui Newnham, Screaming O
  • Kathryn Hartman, Nasstoys
  • Marcus West, Romance Brands
  • Preston Garland, Eldorado
  • Ryan Poirier, Womanizer
  • Sarah Tomchesson, Pleasure Chest
  • Scott Watkins, Doc Johnson

Chief Executive of the Year           

  • Dirk Bauer, Fun Factory
  • Frank Alde, Womanizer
  • Joe Casella, Entrenue
  • Justin Ross, Screaming O
  • Mark Franks, Castle Megastore
  • Neal Slateford, Lovehoney
  • Nick Orlandino, Pipedream Products
  • Oscar Heijnen, Shots
  • Ron Braverman, Doc Johnson
  • Susan Colvin, CalExotics

Businesswoman of the Year        

  • Bethann Smith, Williams Trading Co.
  • Bonnie Feingold, Honey’s Place
  • Jackie White, CalExotics
  • Janine Weisberg, Warm
  • Julie Stewart, Sportsheets
  • Polly Rodriguez, Unbound
  • Rianne Swierstra, Rianne S.
  • Stephanie Berman, Berman Innovations
  • Suki Dunham, Ohmibod
  • Wanda Garland, Eldorado

Businessman of the Year  

  • Dean Elliott, Sliquid
  • Elan Rofe, Electric Distro
  • Elliot Schwartz, Nasstoys
  • Jerome Bensimon, Satisfyer
  • Joel Kaminsky, Good Vibes
  • Rob Novinger, Channel 1 Releasing
  • Ruben Dietz, Shots America
  • Steve Callow, Perfect Fit
  • Steve Sav, Pipedream Products
  • Tom Stewart, Sportsheets