Coupon Codes Added to NATS Affiliate Platform

Coupon Codes Added to NATS Affiliate Platform

NEW JERSEY — Too Much Media announced today the addition of coupon codes for its NATS affiliate platform.

According to Too Much Media director John M, the addition of the new feature will allow NATS  program owners the ability to implement new and creative marketing strategies.

“The industry continues to evolve and companies require effective tools to drive traffic to their brands. Our goal is to provide those tools within NATS so our clients can utilize them in their daily marketing efforts,” he said. “Coupons, in some form or another, have been around as long as I can remember, so it’s a natural fit for our clients and the NATS platform.”

“There was great interest in our new loyalty program,,” said Max G., vice president at RabbitsNetwork. “Most paysites faced an industry-wide difficulty in creating coupon codes needed to unlock freebies, trials and promotions.

“NATS listened to the community and worked closely with us to help solve the issue. We are now glad to announce that all NATS users upgrading to the latest version will be able to seamlessly become a partner and benefit from an influx of new, qualified traffic."

John M said that the first thought when someone hears "coupon code" is usually “discount,” which isn’t entirely the case.

Creative teams can leverage coupons in many ways, such as customer retention, building affiliate relationships and expanding partnerships with other channels, he said.

Rabbits Review is one of those partnerships that is excited about the new possibilities it will bring, he said.

John M noted a Harvard Business Review study that said increasing customer retention rates by just 5 percent increases profits by 25 to 95 percent.

Here are a few useful ways users can immediately impact your revenue with coupon codes, according to John M:

  • Retargeting and cart abandonment — Lure abandoned cart shoppers or visitors back to your product through retargeting whether it be via banners, abandonment emails or some other methods you employ
  • Partner distribution — Offer your affiliates and partners a unique discount or offer code exclusively to promote to their audience
  • Loyalty reward — Reward loyal fans/customers in your various marketing channels
  • Event tracking — Heading to an event? Customize codes on the fly for print material at unplugged events and track your ROI effortlessly

For more information please contact John M at (732) 385-1536, ext. 1135, or email

Clients wishing to schedule an upgrade to the latest version with this new feature, can submit a ticket.


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