Andra Chirnogeanu Celebrates 2 Years at Studio 20

BUCHAREST, Romania — Studio 20 has announced Andra Chirnogeanu is celebrating two years with the company as its PR and marketing manager.

“We were searching for someone that had passion, drive and ambition,” said Mugur Frunzetti, CEO of Studio 20. “We understood that Studio 20’s brand is strong, but felt the need to have someone put the effort into making it stronger, come up with new ideas and innovate. That’s when Andra came along.

“We found her style, way of not taking ‘NO’ for an answer, her ability to always find solutions and her upbeat personality to be what we needed,” he added. “This is a great celebration for us, two years of Studio 20 celebrated on the 20. We’re very proud and happy to have her part of our team.”

Chirnogeanu’s presence in the industry meant more activity in the marketing department for almost every studio that understood how important branding and marketing is for a business and how much they can improve and grow, the company reported.

“I think I lit a bit of a fire under their desks,” Chirnogeanu said. “I’m glad I did because I like challenges. I like to prove what I can do and I’m always happy to share knowledge. A new campaign, a cute way to market it, a powerful team behind it, etc. Nobody teaches you in school how to market a cam studio or cam models, how to actually create a brand. But I think that I was lucky enough to get picked, I had a great teacher to guide me, to scold me and allow me to make mistakes. 

“After two years I can say that I’m proud of where I’ve gotten,” she continued. “We have opened 10 new franchises in the last two years, won several awards and are seen as a force and a trend setter. That’s my anniversary gift right there. The appreciation of people that I respect and look up to.”