Plugrush Adds New Features, Improved Quality Control

Plugrush Adds New Features, Improved Quality Control

LOS ANGELES — Plugrush has announced it has introduced several new features to its traffic platform.

According to Plugrush CAO Bjorn Etzold, the new features allow advertisers to create campaigns easier and faster while better controlling the quality of the traffic to result in a positive ROI in a shorter time.

“We are a company that cares a lot about our users and lately we worked intensively to give them a brand new experience with our platform,” Etzold says. “Our goal is to give them a faster and easier way to handle campaigns in combination with faster and better results.”

“We want to give you as accurate information as possible before you start spending money with us, so we created an estimation area,” Etzold adds. “This forecasting feature will show you how to optimize your potential reach by showing you the available traffic, estimated position and estimated traffic.”

Also, a conversion tracking feature was added, so after a campaign is created users can easily track the conversion thus leading to increased ROI, while the new campaign creator allows users to choose how they want to spend their budget: evenly through a select time span, or as fast as possible to get faster results for the campaign.

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