Marc Dorcel TV Channels Get Makeovers

Marc Dorcel TV Channels Get Makeovers

PARIS — French adult studio Marc Dorcel has revealed brand-new visual identities for its TV channels, DorcelTV and DorcelXXX.

The studio has revamped graphic designs that translate their “dynamic and sensual identities" and “clearly define the editorial lines of the channels as each one comes up with a dedicated offer,” said Gregory Dorcel, Marc Dorcel’s CEO.

“We have created simple, yet stylish and sensual identities, fully in line with our group image," he said. "Our TV channels offer is now well established all over Europe, and as we are always trying to improve the quality of our broadcasts, we wanted to propose graphic designs that ensure a consistency in our brands while keeping a strong singularity for each of them."

DorcelTV and DorcelXXX are now available in more than 150 operators in more than 50 countries in English, French, Spanish and Polish languages.

Dedicated to couples, DorcelTV, launched in 2006, presents “naughty reports,” special programs and a selection of movies.

DorcelXXX, launched in 2012, is the studio’s “100 percent action, 100 percent hard, 100 percent sex TV channel.”