Debuts 'The Devil's Deal & Other Sordid Tales' Debuts 'The Devil's Deal & Other Sordid Tales'

SAN FRANCISCO — NakedSword Originals has announced the release of "The Devil's Deal & Other Sordid Tales," a new series directed by 2017 XBIZ Gay Director of the Year mr. Pam, which is now available on the "Netflix of Gay Porn,"

According to a company rep, "Spooky, sexy and salacious, 'The Devil's Deal' was directed by NakedSword's award-winning director mr. Pam and written by Leo Forte and features a top notch cast including: Justin Brody, Casey Jacks, Gabriel Alanzo, Jonah Fontana, Leo Luckett, Pheonix Fellington, Ruckus and transgender star, Viktor Belmont!"

"The Devil's Deal" is broken up into four distinct vignettes of "chilling, creepy and very taboo sexual encounters that will make you think twice before making a deal with the devil or maybe not if the devil looks anything like Jonah Fontana who is perfectly cast as the devil." 

In the first scene, Gabriel Alanzo is going through a crisis as he is obsessed with his youth and looks. He decides to do a seance to conjure a demon to make a deal to keep his youth forever and before the audience knows it, he gets his wish. The devil (Jonah Fontana) himself appears and is happy to take his soul but not before taking his ass first. 

Remarking upon the title, mr. Pam said, "We had so much fun bringing this project to life! There's simply nothing like it in the gay porn world today. Since it's conjured from the sick and brilliant mind of Leo Forte we really went there and explored several taboo subjects. Between the casting, the script and the way it's shot and produced there is a real authenticity that I believe the audiences will connect to. I think 'The Devil's Deal' (which runs through Halloween) will certainly stand out from other releases that come out around this time of year!"