Monthly Fetish Releases October 'Transformation' Issue

TAMPA, Fla. — October’s Monthly Fetish issue covers the “transformation fetish,” which blends fantasy and fetish.

According to a rep, the issue is jam packed with tons of information, including how to find transformation fetish friends and events, anime art, the history of transformation, tips on mind and body swapping, news stories about the spike in giantess porn searches, finding love as a transgender man and the top 10 Hollywood movie makeup transformations of all time.

The Unbound Interview profiles "Top 50" Clips4Sale producer Missa who creates story-based erotic videos.

“At Monthly Fetish, we strive to give our readers content they won’t find anywhere else,” said Jenn, Monthly Fetish’s editor. “In the seven months, we’ve just scratched the surface and will continue to bring our readers new fetishes and educate them even further on the ones they’re familiar with.”

To check out the issue, click here. To listen to an audio version of featured fetishes, click here or check out the official YouTube channel