Water Slyde Debuts 1st Patented Water Diverter for Female Stimulation

Water Slyde Debuts 1st Patented Water Diverter for Female Stimulation

BOSTON — Intimacy coach Maureen Pollack has debuted the Water Slyde, which is billed as the first and only patented water diverter designed for female stimulation.

The patented Water Slyde, is a hands-free, sleek plastic water diverter that attaches to most forward-facing bathtub spouts. The water flow is directed to the midline of the bathtub, allowing a woman to position herself in the tub, such that the water falls directly to where it counts. According to the company, the bathtub is one of the most common ways that women please themselves; so creating this product has been long overdue.

“Water is the most hygienic way for women to clean and stimulate themselves, in fact many medical journals state that the best feminine hygiene method is to cleanse the labia with plain water,” the company said. “The Water Slyde is designed to allow the water from your bathtub faucet to flow over the labia. It provides comfort for women who are experiencing dryness and painful intercourse. In addition, it opens the door for women of all ages to explore their sexuality in a familiar, non-intimidating way.”

Pollack is an inventor and intimacy coach that believes in removing the stigma surrounding sexual health and personal hygiene, she said. She has helped empower women in all stages of life to embrace intimacy through coaching and lifestyle products. She is also a devoted wife, PTA mom, Jiu-Jitsu addict, and mikvah-going Jewish woman, as well as a proud user of her own invention, the company says.

"I am so thrilled to offer this, after wanting to develop something of this nature for women for such a long time,” Pollack said. “With so many women sharing that the bathtub technique was their first experience with sexual pleasure but the positioning has become too awkward I couldn’t believe a product like The Water Slyde didn’t exist. "

For more information, visit WaterSlyde.com, or email mojo@waterslyde.com.