Screaming O Debuts 'Affordable Rechargeable moove'

Screaming O Debuts 'Affordable Rechargeable moove'

LOS ANGELES — Screaming O has announced the debut of the Affordable Rechargeable moove, “a more reliable, more affordable vibrator that provides a luxury experience without requiring luxury investment.”

The company developed moove to provide “exquisite sensations at affordable prices for consumers.” The Affordable Rechargeable moove is powered by technology developed for the Charged Positive vibrator. Designed from the ground-up by Screaming O, Charged Positive utilizes a lithium-ion polymer battery with a gel-based core that eliminates the risk of overheating or overcharging while providing 20 functions of intense stimulation.

The moove encases the Charged Positive motor within its modern, flexible True Silicone form, which bends and adapts to curves with certified body-safe materials.

According to Screaming O account executive Conde Aumann, “moove is perfect for customers who prefer rumbling vibration through a wider surface area rather than a more pin-point sensation. The powerful motor combined with the flexible neck allows users to have more control over the pressure applied during play.”

Additional features of moove include: 

  • Independently-certified materials that are 100% waterproof
  • Secure plug-in USB charger for 60+ minutes of use
  • A two year limited warranty
  • Retail price of $79.95, with an "excellent profit margin for retailers"

 For more information, contact Conde at