Webbilling, Stripchat Share Collaboration Details

Webbilling, Stripchat Share Collaboration Details

In the following submitted article, Webbilling’s Eva Zankel and Stripchat’s Jim Austin discuss how the payment company is finding unique ways to boost cam revenue streams.

BERLIN — Representatives from Webbilling and Stripchat recently sat down for a Q&A interview to discuss their business relationship, as well as recent revenue spikes in the cams sector.

According to Webbilling, cam site revenue figures overall are “skyrocketing through the roof lately.” Stripchat, meanwhile, is trying to capitalize on that upward swing.

Eva Zankel of Webbilling and Jim Austin of Stripchat are interviewed for this Q&A about their business “cooperation,” as well Webbilling’s innovative solutions.

How has the cooperation worked between the companies?

Eva: It has been a really great and productive experience from our end and, according to Stripchat’s and other cam sites’ feedback, it seems they’re sharing the excitement of the strong increases achieved.

We’re totally open for newly set-up companies and absolutely enjoy working with promising sites in their early stages, and it’s naturally a breeze to work with professionals on the other end like we’ve done.

Jim: Thanks Eva, Stripchat's cooperation with Webbilling has been flawless so far. Integration has been quick and easy, and the support that we have received has been outstanding. I'd like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to Eva and the entire Webbilling team for their dedication and professionalism.

Since the integration of Webbilling on our platform, we have seen a dramatic increase in revenue from the DACH market with regard to first purchases, as well as an increase in LTV and customer satisfaction.

Could you share some insights on the aforementioned “dramatic revenue increases”?

Jim: Of course. Since we’ve started with Webbilling in April, there’s been an immediate and also steady growth of revenue via Webbilling.com. We’re talking a very impressive monthly average of plus-57 percent so far. June to July even made for a 67-percent increase in revenue from the DACH region.

Besides these strong numbers speaking for themselves, I highly recommend Webbilling … as they truly have the pulse and expertise considering that market. The DACH region or Europe altogether will therefore swiftly add to your bottom line when working with them.

Eva: We’ve seen this happen to other cam-focused sites. In case of these sites there’s been a 22-percent average since beginning of our cooperation regarding revenue directly. The kicker however is both companies have nearly or totally increased their income sixfold over the course of the past five months alone.

So, from your perspective these numbers underline payment solutions, especially Webbilling.com’s offers, to be highly essential for cam sites that desire immediate income increases?

Jim: Absolutely. Working with Webbilling, specifically targeting the DACH / European region and accordingly German, Swiss or Austrian users for example, decreases chargeback issues in a strong fashion (which one might know from the U.S. market).

SEPA direct debit is mostly used and only 27 percent of customers turn to credit cards. Webbilling’s “smart combo” solutions seem to make for some magic here too.

Eva: Our “smart combo” solution offers local and desired payment methods initially instead of credit cards. For example, Germany has Sofort Banking, it’s Ideal in the Netherlands and Przelewy24 for Poland. After any first transfer, customers would effortlessly continue to pay with SEPA DirectDebit for any coming transactions. There’s no need for further user interaction at this point.

It doesn’t stop there though. Webbilling’s team has just revised the responsive payment page, allowing our merchants to explore even more freedom. One example would be to customize form styles in accordance with your corporate design.  

Well, thanks for taking the time Eva and Jim. Anything else you want to add?

Jim: Again, we’re happy with our decision to have chosen Webbilling.com and are pleased to see the results after a quick setup.

Eva: We’re glad that Stripchat and others trusted Webbilling’s expertise and the potential paying off so quick already. Anybody who’s interested to get into more details is welcome to contact us via makemoney@trafficpartner.com.