SexToyDistributing Named Exclusive NextGen Love Dolls Distributor

SexToyDistributing Named Exclusive NextGen Love Dolls Distributor

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — has been named exclusive distributor of new luxe life-size NextGen love dolls.

The collection includes four dolls with interactive features, including one of the industry’s first and only male sex dolls with a detachable penis that lets users interchange their favorite harness-compatible dildos, the company reported.

“NextGen love dolls offer a level of realism that consumers have been waiting for at a price point that competes perfectly with the few popular love doll brands on the market today,” said wholesale supervisor Morgan Panzino. “They look beautiful and feel astoundingly real, thanks to their skeletal structure, position-able limbs and firm-yet-supple skin, and allow users to construct the exact fantasy they desire.”

According to the company, NextGen features four ultra-realistic models made using a proprietary TPE-based material and reinforced with a bone-like structure and detail that give them a human-like look and feel: Tiffany is a slender blonde with D-cup breasts; Khloe is a curvaceous model with DDD-cup breasts; Helena is a torso-only model; and Dorian is a male model equipped with a detachable dildo that can be replaced with any harness-compatible dildo the user chooses. 

All models can be penetrated orally and anally, with the female dolls featuring a tight-and-textured vagina, and come with wigs and accessories designed specifically to match each doll’s signature personality.

“Each doll is expertly made and we are particularly excited about Dorian, the male model, because of how groundbreaking and rare he is,” Panzino said. “Male sex dolls are difficult to find, and Dorian provides the same level of quality and realism that popular female dolls do but offers a very different physical experience. This gives Sex Toy Distributing an especially competitive advantage that we are particularly proud of.”

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