Q&A: MimeFreak's 'Beginners Luck' Unfurls New ArchAngel Wing

Q&A: MimeFreak's 'Beginners Luck' Unfurls New ArchAngel Wing

LOS ANGELES — MimeFreak is a madman, with a patchwork quilt name that speaks to his poet’s soul, to the silent gravitas of his twisted movements.

He is a totem channeling the ancient trickster gods, the spiders and ravens trading in whispered secrets, swearing allegiance to the illuminated vipers whose fangs bend realities, whose poisons can deal mortal blows to parodied glory.

And when he crooks his finger, whether he beckons starlets to writhe with serpentine grace or stitches newfound patterns into the fabric of an industry, triggering spiraling ripples that catch flies unawares and send other arachnids skittering, MimeFreak knows where profitable power resides: Business to X-business.

Because omniscience is omnipotence, and whoever dominates the center of the web, with intel on every player, can pluck strands of information to cocoon the chosen for butterfly metamorphosis … and ensnare heretics for black widow jaws.

For only the men of means possess the reach that travels on hidden lanes to bewitch consumers, not through the mindless pinwheel of social media likes worth miniscule returns, but via finely crafted artistry that demands attention, that seeps into the subconscious labyrinth of mankind’s very nature with addictive finesse, that penetrates spinal columns and traverses members-only chambers on fiber-optic wings ... on the feathery rays of an ArchAngel ... on the brutal scales of vigilante justice. And woe betide those too slow to evolve, too bound by outmoded alliances.

You see, MimeFreak is a celestial jester, a Don and a gentleman gangster tried-and-true, not because he dons the trappings of power, slipping out of an emperor’s robes and losing all luster the moment the farce is over, but because he covets the correct jewels.

He does not line his shelves with cheaply wrought symbols bestowed by the paupers of a broken kingdom, by the howling mummies, dying prophets, haggardly hags and gruesome lepers of yesterday’s news. He lines his shelves with fucking stacks of dollar bills. And nobody fucking owns him.

He reclines on the throne that ArchAngel has built, upon a bedrock of 2016 XBIZ Best New Studio and 2017 XBIZ Performer Showcase of the Year, upon carefully placed bets that pay off tenfold, that do not require store-bought phantom fandom illusions artificially magnifying little leagues.

And so, following his industry-shaking partnership with Kendra Lust and her majestic-as-fuck Lust Army Productions, ArchAngel is ready to buck the system yet again … this time, with Beginners Luck.

Not that MimeFreak needs any such fortune to create bankability with his fully-owned and operated new label, mind you, for the wryly named division aims to be a testament to the enduring power of amateur adult movies, to the raw pleasure of fresh talent getting banged by cinematic pros, and then either vanishing into the mists or rising to superstardom. Regardless, MimeFreak and his #FreakyCrew will have first dibs on these brave explorers’ very first steps in a journey that could very well be their last.

Of course, to truly lay claim to this genre and launch Beginners Luck with maximum momentum, MimeFreak lit the proper black candles, cast the enchanted goat bones and conjured Santeria sorcery at the altar of XBIZ. Step forth, novices and neophytes, into the wonderfully deviant underworld that MimeFreak has unleashed upon the adult entertainment landscape, in this exclusive interview!

XBIZ: Tell us about Beginners Luck. What inspired your new venture?

MimeFreak: Well, a few years ago, when we first started ArchAngel, Gabe and I got a lot of go-sees. We knew many of these girls weren’t going to be huge stars or anything. I’d look at him and say, “You know, there’s somebody for everybody,” and he’d be like, “Yeah, but some of these girls, who knows?” And because there is indeed a market for everybody, I had this idea for an amateur company. But, Gabe wanted to wait until the perfect time. He said, “Let’s just make ArchAngel a household name … we’ll leave the amateur stuff for later.”

And I remember the first girl we came across when she was brand new was Abella Danger. Of course, Danger is now a household name. She’s a powerhouse. But, just imagine if we had shot her for Beginners Luck back then. It would have been like, “We got one of Abella’s first scenes!” Instead, while we were focusing on major showcases, we ended up overlooking it.

Now, with ArchAngel targeting the big-named girls, it’s time to capitalize on discovering amateur ones with this new venture … which was originally going to be called Beginners Fuck. But, on a worldwide level, having “fuck” in your URL isn’t smart for business.

As far as the Beginners Luck mission, in this day and age of porn, there’s only so much that we can do when it comes to shooting the same girl with the same guys. We want to find that next up and comer, and I think that having this platform of Beginners Luck gives us the possibility of doing that. It’s more difficult for those girls to find their spot or niche, so we want to capitalize on the amateur market with them.

XBIZ: How do you find these girls, as far as getting the word out to the right ones?

MimeFreak: Well, when it comes to amateurs, we usually go through the agents. They bring by new girls. We get about 10 to 20 girls a week. We also get agents from out of state that hit us up through emails. We pretty much talk to every individual. And if you can sit through a session of my humor, you know, that makes or breaks it.

When we have a go-see, we spend a little bit more time and delve into details, because we don’t want to shoot girls that are just here for a paycheck. We want the girls trying to create a brand, who want to do something that’s going to be different in the industry … even if it’s a hard business. We care about the girls that care about the fans and communicate. Pretty much, if you come into the office and have something good to say, we’re going to hire you.

XBIZ: So, given the nature of these titles, would there ever be an instance where you bring back the same girl a second time? Or is it first-timers only?

MimeFreak: Well, if there is a girl that starts off on Beginners Luck and we feel that she has what it takes, then we’ll move her up to an ArchAngel title or a Lust Army title. But yes, some girls will be shot more than once for Beginners Luck! We have a few that did fairly well with boy/girl scenes, and we brought them back for a blowjob scene. These are girls that really enjoy sucking dick.

I should also mention that we have an ideal plan — I don’t want to reveal it yet — for certain girls that we feel have “the look.” One of our girls, on our third box cover, is already out of the business. But, we thought this was a girl who was really cute, really attractive, had what it took … and we made the phone call and said, “Hey, we want to bring this girl back.” And she was already out!

It’s kind of like finding a diamond in the rough. And we have a phase two that is coming up, that’s going to be fairly interesting once we have the brand out there. We’re going to go directly to the fans. We get a lot of girls and guys that say they have what it takes, so we’re going to give them an opportunity with something special me and Gabriel working on.

XBIZ: Overall, how will Beginners Luck play into the ArchAngel umbrella alongside Lust Army Productions?

MimeFreak: ArchAngel will be the distributor for Beginners Luck, along with Girlfriends Films, kind of like how we have Lust Army situated. Lust Army is Kendra Lust’s division, where she hires her talent, hires her cameramen … and while I help oversee her projects, it’s pretty much her company. Beginners Luck, though, is my company, where it’s actually me and Gabe partnering up to start something new.

We’re kind of creating this ArchAngel world, this hub, where we want to tap into different divisions. Lust Army has created a name for itself, and we’re going to do it again with Beginners Luck. When you look at Lust Army titles, you have Kendra that does exclusive scenes for herself, she does the couples and the teens as well, but now, with Beginners Luck, we’re coming hard with the amateur spectrum of it all.

XBIZ: How will you be promoting Beginners Luck?

MimeFreak: It will have its own Twitter and Instagram. #FreakyCrew will take place in it, like with ArchAngel. We’re in the beginning stages of doing that, but we’re also going to be revamping our website. You’re going to be able to see everything that we have in store. All of the movies will be included in the re-launch of ArchAngel’s website.

We have to pretty much catch up. All the top paysites are changing rapidly, so we feel like we needed to, y’know, give ourselves an upgrade.

We just dropped our first 4K movie, “The Booty Movie 6,” with cover girl Brett Rossi. We didn’t want to jump into the 4K realm right away, because it’s difficult and takes up a lot of space. We pretty much had to make sure we had all the tools before we brought it out. So, not all of our titles are going to be 4K, just the titles we feel the fans want. Like our premium titles, so to speak.

XBIZ: And what are some of the first titles heading our way from Beginners Luck?

MimeFreak: “I Wanna Be A Pornstar.” That’s going to be a series. It’s kind of like a casting couch meets a boy/girl scene meets a BTS meets an instructional video type of deal.

Then, we talk to the girl during the scene — asking her where she’s from, what’s her favorite sexual position, whether she likes to suck dick or not — and while we’re interviewing the chick, we have the guy she’s performing with come in. And, if the girl isn’t sucking dick right, we kind of instruct her on how to suck dick right. It’s like, “Don’t forget to suck those balls!” But, we use fairly newer guys as well and some of them have personalities, some of them shy away because they are nervous. And we get to the point where you will have the girl interacting with the camera, as well as the guy … and it turns into a “show us what you got” kind of thing. I put my personal spin on it.

We had a couple people screen it and they liked it. So we’re going to continue this series, where it’s simple and it’s easy. You can get an understanding of what we do, which is different than the norm, because a lot of girls … they’re usually thrown to the sharks. So, you can’t talk during a scene, you can’t instruct them on what to do. It makes it awkward. But here, you can talk to them … it’s part of the theme of the movie. We can instruct them, and then we can ask them things like, “How was the scene?” or, “Was this what you imagined?” We talk about how these girls are introduced to sex, and 90 percent of them say tube sites! Those damn tube sites.

But for the most part, Beginners Luck lets the viewers feel what it’s like being on set. They might get that elsewhere in the behind-the-scenes footage at the end of a DVD, but they don’t get that during the scene, because normally when we talk during a scene … we cut it out. But, this one right here, we leave it in. So a lot of people will be turned off by it, but that’s what this is about, appealing to a niche audience that will enjoy it. We’re also going to have a series where there is no talking and we let the girl be fully on display.

This is a way of giving people an idea on how to conduct a scene. And if you want to be a porn star, when you look at something like this, you’re like, “Hey! Okay, now I know that guys like their balls sucked too!”

XBIZ: So, in addition to “I Wanna Be A Pornstar,” what other series do you have in the works?

MimeFreak: We’re going to be doing a fuck machine, large toys … we might get an anal in there. That’s fairly hard though, because you rarely cross a girl that’s even exposed to anal being an amateur. I think that’s one of the huge goals. And we have another project that’s going to be our secret weapon. It’s probably going to take awhile to get it done, but Gabe challenged me so we’re going to figure it out.

XBIZ: Will there be any veteran girls paired with newbies? Like a lesbian Beginners Luck?

MimeFreak: You know, we haven’t talked about that, but we have talked about veteran girls teaming up with guys. We get a lot of guys that think they have what it takes to be a porn star.

XBIZ: So it’s not just newbie girls, but guys as well?

MimeFreak: Yeah! And if you fall flat on your ass, we’re going to film it. You know, a lot of these fans feel like they have what it takes. They don’t understand that these women … it’s like the NBA. It’s like a sport. It takes time to build this up. You just can’t come in and do it pro right away. It’s like a needle in a haystack, you know? For one guy to come in and be able to, like, smash a starlet and just stay hard. And be able to have that chemistry and that flow. We don’t know the new guys … we want to coach them, because I think this industry needs more guys. We need more guys to carry on the torch. We have plenty of girls, but there’s not enough guys that can actually fulfill that need we’re going to have in the future.

XBIZ: Will there be any interplay between Lust Army and Beginners Luck, like crossover titles, or will they be kept separate?

MimeFreak: There might be. There was talk of something that Kendra may be doing, but I think that anything that comes with Kendra is going to be exclusive to ArchAngel and Lust Army Productions.

XBIZ: At the very least, Kendra might have some of the newer talent from her Society 15 agency being filmed for Beginners Luck, yeah?

MimeFreak: Correct. They get a lot of inquiries. So we pretty much wanna dip into that as well, if they’re able to recruit the right girl. Believe it or not, I don’t think we’ve had any Society 15 girls in Beginners Luck yet. That’s strange! It’s funny.

XBIZ: What are your distribution plans? Will it be similar to ArchAngel with a mix of DVDs and digital releases?

MimeFreak: Everything that we have will be digital first. Then, we’ll put out the DVD, sort of like the same formula as ArchAngel, but I don’t foresee us doing one movie every month until we’re able to get the brand growing. I think we’re going to go one every other month for releases.

XBIZ: Will it just be you directing this?

MimeFreak: Yes. This will be my company with Gabe. So I’m going to be at the helm of this company. This is my baby. And Gabe is the man with the masterplan.

XBIZ: Anything else you can tell us about the masterplan?

MimeFreak: We are here to basically push the envelope again, and let all the little people out there know that there’s still a chance to work for a major studio out there. We’re very, very excited about this. Last, but not least, we will be giving the fans a chance to really become a part of something different. I would advise everyone to keep an eye on what we are doing with phase two of Beginners Luck.