Axel Abysse, zBUCKz Partner for

TOKYO — Axel Abysse and zBUCKz have announced a partnership for

According to a company rep, "Since 2014, Axel Abysse has made a name for himself in the fisting world with his homemade movies on XTube. Amongst other young men, he claims to represent a new kind of extreme porn far from leather, dungeons and other S&M clichés. Pain is no more; his hole can take a punch and his smile never fails to show how good it feels. Amidst traveling worldwide to work with famous studios such as Falcon, he takes his passion to a higher level.

"Performer but also filmmaker, Axel takes the art of pornography very seriously," they continued. "Inspired by filmmakers such as David Lynch or Gaspar Noé, he experiments with light, sound and editing to bring something fresh to amateur pornography."

Abysse stated, “My hole is my curse, we must destroy it so I can find serenity. My goal with the site is to spread a passion, to inspire a whole new generation of fisters and show the world that we are not freaks. We celebrate the freedom to explore our bodies and our senses, in an artistic yet very sexual way.”

Abysse is collaborating with artists such as Matt Spike and Uto, as well as models like Corey Jay, Bulrog and Yoshi Kawasaki "from all over the world to create his unique brand of content."

According to a company rep, "Fist-fucking, water sports, shibari (Japanese bondage) and more fantasies are explored, somewhere between the most sensual and the filthiest sex there can be. Expect no limit."

In order to "further realize bringing his imagination to the masses," Abysse has partnered with WebMediaProz, the management company for gay affiliate program, and is launching his "long awaited independent pornographic platform,"

Program director Danny Zeeman said, “We’re very excited to work with Axel and help him to realize his creative vision. His content is extremely unique and like nothing else currently on the market. We are sure our affiliates are going to love his site.” 

The program is currently working on final development of the tour which will be available for affiliates to promote on Oct. 6.

“We worked closely with Axel to create a site that is unlike anything else we’ve made before,” he said. “The site will of course be fully responsive across all devices, but we’ve kept a unique artistic sensibility to match the concept of Axel’s brand.”