Screaming O's Materials Pass Safety Tests

Screaming O's Materials Pass Safety Tests

LOS ANGELES — Screaming O has announced it has passed the latest round of testing for intimate use.

According to the company, the tests focus on specific purposes which reflect requirements set by the Consumer Public Safety Improvement Act: 

  • To identify the material’s chemical makeup, verifying the product’s authenticity
  • To confirm the absence of hazardous or restricted elements
  • To verify that no potentially toxic substances might leak out of the material

During the recent study, three different Screaming O materials were put to the test by independent laboratory Polymer Solutions:

  • Silicone, the flexible the material used in the Affordable Rechargeable moove vibrator
  • ABS, the smooth styrene which is used in the Vooom Bullet toy
  • SEBS, the stretchy polymer which is used in the RingO Biggies

Each material was correctly identified to be what the product claims, containing the expected ingredients, with metal levels well within the acceptable standards for healthy individuals without specific allergies, the company added.

Through their commitment to transparency, Screaming O “has confirmed that consumers with metal allergies or sensitivities might react to the minimal levels of Chromium in Silicone and ABS, Titanium in ABS, and Nickel in SEBS, though evidence suggests it is a minimal chance.”

“Consumer trust and body-safety are top priorities for us at Screaming O,” said account executive Conde Aumann. “We remain dedicated to continuing our materials testing initiative in order to give customers the peace of mind they deserve.”

For more information about Screaming O’s materials testing program or its product line, contact Conde at