Kick Ass Updates Sites, Launches New Affiliate Program

Kick Ass Updates Sites, Launches New Affiliate Program

MESA, Ariz. — Kick Ass Pictures has announced the launch of new site upgrades, a new affiliate program, and its vision for future, six months after the studio’s acquisition.

According to the company, when Kick Ass Pictures (KAP) was acquired by Matt and Melissa Campos in March of this year, the pair had the vision to make the studio the premium destination for foot and cuckolding connoisseurs. 

With that new vision, they started working. Not only did the new owners want to make Kick Ass Pictures a better place for its members but they wanted to focus more on its affiliates.

“When we acquired KAP, Inc. the first thing we did was look at the member sites to see what the members were saying,” CEO Melissa Campos explains. “From there we started making changes.”

Campos says the redesign was begun on Foot Fetish Daily and released in July, with Cum Eating Cuckolds now being redesigned.

She also notes one of the largest complaints from fans was the use of condoms.

“KAP decided instead of hiring a staff photographer they would contract out, using different photographers from around the world. New content for the site is shot each week by photographers both stateside and in Europe,” Campos adds. “We were very fortunate to have different photographers that wanted to work with us. Now our members can see content from several different perspectives.”

Foot Fetish Daily is currently updated daily, while Cum Eating Cuckolds updates every other day.

Another leap KAP made was converting over to NATS, as the company wanted to ensure Kick Ass Pays was available to all affiliates who wanted to promote it without worrying if their sales were credited.

Affiliates can find the new program here or can email

KAP continues to release new DVD titles in its long-standing series, “Foot Fetish Daily” and “Cum Eating Cuckolds” through Exile Distributions.

For more information, email or call (818) 576-9464.