Q&A: XBIZ Foreign Female POY Valentina Nappi Burns Radiantly

Q&A: XBIZ Foreign Female POY Valentina Nappi Burns Radiantly

LOS ANGELES — From the fiery depths of Mount Vesuvius, Italian starlet Valentina Nappi explodes with mega-colossal hotness, her volcanic performances sculpting an obsidian crown worthy of 2017 XBIZ Foreign Female Performer of the Year.

With lips of molten magma, curves like a lava flow and steamy plumes rising from her simmering skin, she can smash lovers into smoldering ruins … their annihilation rivaling the infamy of incinerated Pompeii.

Blown away by megaton blasts and raging geysers, anyone caught near the eruption is scorched, until nothing but flickering ashes remain.

And when they inevitably return, aching with a phoenix’s passion for blazing ignition, Nappi takes their seismic thrusts and probing tongues deep into her simmering caldera. Cracks and fissures open with eager wetness, burying worshipers beneath such mountainous breasts and ass cheeks, that the pits of Hell flare with infernal envy.

She poured that flaming seduction all over XBIZ, leaving us smoldering to this day. So, when you begin to perspire, rivulets of sweat dripping into your nethermost regions, know that this scalding interview has no intention of cooling off. Warning: Contents are fire-as-fuck!

XBIZ: How did you get started in the industry?

Nappi: I started in 2011. I sent an email to Rocco Siffredi and my first scene was an hour-and-40-minute-long anal with him. This was in Rome. Then, I flew to Budapest to film other scenes for him and soon, I started to work for other companies.

Originally, I’m from Pompei, Italy. I got my Visa at the end of 2014 and now, I’m in the U.S. most of the time, with most of my scenes shot here. There isn’t much to shoot in Italy. I did know a guy who worked for MindGeek, so I shot a Brazzers scene in an ambulance back in Naples. It was pretty funny to shoot Brazzers porn in Naples. I don’t know if that guy still shoots for them, but there isn’t much.

In Italy, there is basically some really, really amateur productions. They cover up their faces. Only in Italy they do that. It’s like, “Oh! I have a sexuality, but I’m ashamed of it. So I have to do blowjobs with a mask on my face.” Of course, I never wanted to do that, ‘cause I’m proud to be a slut. If I stayed in Italy, there would be probably zero work. There are no companies. If you want to work in Europe, you have to fly all over Europe, which is really nice ‘cause you travel a lot, but it is also really hard.

XBIZ: Where else in Europe have you performed in adult movies, besides Italy?

Nappi: Basically … Spain, Barcelona, London, Prague and Budapest … one time I shot in Cologne but it was really weird! It was POV, really amateur. And I don’t like to shoot amateur, unless it’s interesting fetish stuff. There’s a guy on Clips4Sale who can cum if you just kiss his dick. So, you just kiss his dick and he … well, it’s crazy. I was really happy to shoot with him, because that was interesting. That clip became the most sold on Clips4Sale. It was a scene I shot four years ago, but only got released recently.

XBIZ: Do you have a lot of fans in Italy?

Nappi: Most of my fans are Italian, but everyone can find me on ValeNappi.com. I launched it last year. At the moment, I have less than 20 scenes, but the more money I get, the more I’ll invest. I have fun doing it. I’m starting slowly also because I’m busy most of the time shooting for others, and I do my own editing. I like to have control of everything, so it takes time. I’m releasing maybe two or three scenes a month. Also, I used to write a lot. I had a blog in Italy, and at the time, I was getting 150,000 views a month. It was pretty good.

XBIZ: How often do you come to the U.S.?

Nappi: Since the beginning of 2015, I’ve been staying in Italy no more than four months. I stay in the U.S. most of the time.

The first two years of my career, around 2011 to 2013, was mostly Europe. Besides Rocco, I worked with Marc Dorcel. When you’re here you shoot like 10-15 scenes in a month, and over there you shoot like five. Life here is more expensive, but I’m not here for the money. I basically fly all over the ocean just to get more dicks. That’s the truth honestly.

XBIZ: So, when did you get involved with Mark Spiegler?

Nappi: Immediately. I came here, thanks to him, in 2014. See, I knew Sasha Grey. I was watching her porn at the time. I’m so sad that she stopped! I wish she hadn’t. So, he was basically the only agent I knew and I was thinking, “I want to be like Bobbi Starr and the other girls! I want to do a little porn.”

One of the first things I did was with Penthouse. It was really nice of them. I was Pet of the Month in November of 2013. And then, I think the first major studio I shot with was Evil Angel. They shot me a lot. Now, my ass is probably too used for them! Haha.

Before porn, I’d had sex with, like, 10 guys. Then you grow up, especially in psychological ways, so you know how to manage many dicks in one room. You have to have management power.

XBIZ: How do you balance all these different dicks coming at you?

Nappi: I mean … you just have to act secure in yourself. Have an idea what you want to do, where you want to put them, which order. It’s like a dance, for real.

XBIZ: Do you lay it out ahead of time? Like, I’m going to go with this dick first ... then that one?

Nappi: No, I’m totally in the moment. I feel like when you plan things, besides anal where you have to prepare in advance, then it’s hard to, especially when you’re a director. It’s hard to say, “Oh, I want to do this in this position.” Because usually when you put people in positions, you lose chemistry between them.

My favorite type of porn to watch, though, is gay gonzo. For me, the most exciting thing is two huge black guys fucking each other. Or, I’ll watch hentai. Japanese porn cartoons. I love the monster stuff.

However, people think that just because I do porn, bukkakes and all that, that if they talk about their fetishes, I’ll think it’s normal. I don’t know what normal means. It’s about being rational. I have a rational approach to sex, like where you think about it.

It’s not just instinct. You think: Is this right for me? Is this wrong for me? Is this right for society? Is this wrong for society? I know some people don’t care about society, but you’ve got to at least care about yourself. 

XBIZ:  Which directors have influenced you to perform better?

Nappi: I like the DogFart crew a lot. They have my best scenes. It’s mostly because I feel really comfortable and can do whatever I want with them. I have leeway as to what I can say, what I can do. Sometimes it’s all about the relationship you have with the director. I don’t feel like I have to do this versus that … you know?

XBIZ: Who else, besides DogFart, has been influential?

Nappi: I think many productions have influenced me. At the beginning I was like, “I think I’ll never shoot certain types of scenes …” Like, secretary fucks boss … boring stuff. And now, for the first time ever, I shot a pizza delivery scene. It was for FuckingAwesome.com. At the end, as a performer, it’s always interesting to try new things. I’m a gourmet. So I try to combine food and porn and sex.

XBIZ: In what ways?

Nappi: Like having sex while eating, or having sex after you eat. I use a lot of classical music for my scenes. I also use them because I can use the songs for free! Usually, I hate music in porn. Music takes away from the scene, it doesn’t make me horny.

XBIZ: But Mozart makes you horny?

Nappi: Yeah! Kind of.

XBIZ: Do you cook at all?

Nappi: No! I just eat. My boyfriend usually cooks.

XBIZ: What kind of food do you like that he cooks?

Nappi: Well, he always tries to make different things, but he makes a really good risotto. I eat anything, though I’ve never tried insects. I had a chance, but I still have my limits. Maybe in the future! Just like, maybe in the future, I’ll do double anal! Who knows?

Eating crickets is more of a cultural thing, though. Like, we don’t eat them because we think it’s disgusting. Double anal is more about the fact that if you stretch your anus too much, it’s like stretching your muscle too much. I’m afraid to shit myself in my pants when I’m 30 years old, you know? But if it goes all smoothly, and maybe it’s two not-so-big-dicks, I’ll do double anal.

Don’t get me wrong … I love gangbangs. If I could choose how many guys I’d want in one scene, I’d say at least two. But it’s not about how many in one hole.

XBIZ: So, you have an open situation with your boyfriend?

Nappi: Yes. We’re an open couple. If I’m not shooting, I get really horny, so I have to find … vaginas or dicks. Because society is sexist, if you talk about vaginas, it doesn’t sound like dicks. Like lesbian porn is considered softcore, but I don’t understand why, because lesbian porn can also be hardcore. If you just do girls, then people don’t think you’re dirty. People don’t ask me how many girls have I been with, just how many boys. 

For me, sex and porn are two different things. When I’m with my boyfriend, I just want to have sex with him. He told me, “I love you,” two days later after meeting. That was okay, because he was in love with the moment, love at first sight. But I said, “Okay, I just met you, I can’t say I love you.” That was different, because I understood the kind of guy he was, his mentality.

But, if I only want to have sex with open-minded people, I’ll end up at home masturbating. I get paid to have great sex. I don’t want to work in a social way to just get some okay dick. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I go back to Italy! I think I’ll pay people to fuck me.

Love and sex are two different things too. When people say, “We’ve been together for two years, and then we split because we were not having sex anymore,” it’s something I don’t understand. If I’m in love with someone, of course I want to have sex with them, but that’s something you can fix. Like for me, my boyfriend is my family … we’re together because we have the same morality, trust … love is the relationship you build.

Females are selective about sex like they were in the jungle. They’re selective about males. They choose based on social status, money ... that’s basically the problem. The truth is, pleasure has nothing to do with this nature stuff. I’ve had sex with people who have not been attractive, but the sex was still great.

XBIZ: Makes sense. And between the boyfriend, traveling and doing lots of shoots, you’ve had a very busy year.

Nappi: Yes, for sure.

XBIZ: Yet it was also a very powerful year, leading to a 2017 XBIZ Foreign Female Performer of the Year trophy. What were the highlights, professionally, and how have you cultivated such a strong social media following?

Nappi: I think I just had a lot of different companies making DVDs about me. Mostly, they were putting my scenes together and releasing the DVDs. And on Instagram, I have half a million followers. Pretty good. I’m on Twitter less now and I recently got blocked on Facebook, because a girl was having some jealousy issues on my page. She was telling her boyfriend not to comment on my page anymore. So, in a really playful way, I said, “Shut up female!” Because she was like, “I’m the female, you have to protect me,” I got blocked on Facebook!

Before that, this crazy thing happened where someone posted my phone number on Facebook on Christmas night. My Italian number. I tried to report the page, and guess what? I got blocked! So, I had to change numbers, but I also had my Facebook linked to my phone for the security system. So, I couldn’t do it for a month. These guys said that because I’m a slut and take a bunch of dicks, I deserve to have my number published. I would try to sue, but the Italian justice system takes too long. If it were a random person just trying to bother a VIP, I wouldn’t mind. But the moment you say it’s because I’m a slut, and you’re slut shaming … I have to do something.

XBIZ: So, what are your ambitions for this coming year?

Nappi: I’m back in Italy now and I want to do some casting, but it’s hard. There’s people who want to do porn, but then they’re like, “Oh no! My grandma won’t like it.” I’m like, “How can you be more than 20 years old and care about what your grandma is thinking?” In Italy, people are more attached to family. In Italy, your family has to pay for you until you’re out of the university. I know here, after 18, some people get kicked out.

Overall, though, I try to give a positive image to promiscuous sex and porn in Italy, because I can’t stand hypocrisy. It’s something I hate. Like, in Italy, some girl killed herself after a blowjob video came out. And that’s on my mind, for something that I do every day … a girl decides to kill herself. There’s a double standard that if you’re a porn star, and you’re famous, you’re cool because you’re famous, so it’s okay to be a slut. Like, famous people make sex tapes to get more famous, and then a girl that is nobody decides to kill herself for a fucking blowjob video.

This is all connected, because of the fact that you put it in the media, with these fake “progressive” messages. Even when girls, especially in America, leave porn — because they don’t make good fortunes anymore — and then they decide to talk shit about porn because they get paid to do so … these girls aren’t just talking shit about porn, but female sexuality too. If you do this job and you hate it, and you don’t like to have sex with so many people, I don’t know … I’d hate to have bad sex, I would be really depressed. The top girls are all girls that enjoy themselves. 

Featured image courtesy of Evil Angel.