Grand Slam Media to Expand Members' Area Portfolio

Grand Slam Media to Expand Members' Area Portfolio
Rhett Pardon

TORONTO — Grand Slam Media said today that it is planning a launch of new members' area traffic options.

The traffic network said the launch, beginning in the fall, will be "extensive" and is a result of a partnership it struck four months ago with

“We have hundreds of members' area traffic sites in our portfolio already,” said Luke Hazlewood, Grand Slam Media's CEO. “With’s partnership, we’re looking to add even more sites, primarily extending the focus on dating and cams.

“This will grow our already deep portfolio with millions of high-quality pageviews in a virtually untapped market.”

“ websites will be added through September and into mid to late October, unleashing millions of daily ad impressions to media buyers," Hazlewood said.

“We’ve done our research, carried out significant testing and have seen very strong preliminary performance with never-before-seen CTRs underlining the amazing potential,“ he said. “This is going to open doors in the European market as dating, cams and even supplement brands realize the potential these new users provide.

"We’re in contact with trusted media buyers and discussing data daily. If you want to get in on the ground floor you need to contact us immediately based on the feedback we’ve been getting.”

Earlier this year, both companies discussed ways to increase revenue figures, coming from extensive A/B/C tests for members' area traffic.

Results, he said, appeared “very lucrative, sporting an average upside at 30.5 percent statistically."

“The details had also outlined little to no decrease in subscriptions or coin earnings with only minor drops of minus-two to seven percent,“ he said. “’s websites analyzed in the aforementioned A/B/C tests, noticed a slight reduction in chargebacks as a positive side effect."

“We have seen these positive trends before, but it was exciting to see these effects validated yet again,” he said.

Grand Slam Media has millions of daily ad impressions in the English-speaking market, Hazlewood said.

“Naturally, we’re covering North America already,” he said. “Therefore, our first focus here is to expand on DACH — Germany, Austria and Switzerland — and the Nordics while the regions are not overly saturated yet.”

Customers will be able to buy traffic tailored specifically to their liking, Hazlewood noted.

“They can do this either by directly purchasing it from the Grand Slam Media sales team or bidding on the traffic in Adnium’s open marketplace. Whichever route you choose these two approaches are a win-win for everyone, and we’re happy to offer the variety and diversity to our customers.”

"It’s very exciting to see this partnership with materializing; working with companies with members' area traffic is a more profitable situation now and for the long run.”

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