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BOSTON — Berman Innovations CEO Stephanie Berman and her POPDildo are featured in sex-positive media outlet Kinkly this week.

Kinkly contributing writer Lilly Dancyger interviewed Berman, in addition to four other women who own pleasure product companies, in a piece which spotlights those who are changing the face of how sex toys are created and marketed.

“Until recently, the [sex toy] industry (like so many others) was largely dominated by men … marketed with pornographic imagery more likely to appeal to straight men, and designs … based largely on what male executives assumed women wanted,” wrote Dancyger in her piece “These 5 Female-Fronted Sex Toy Companies Are Shaking Things Up.”

“But that is changing,” Dancyger’s article said. “Recently, more and more women are stepping up to bring the female perspective to the helm of new sex-toy companies that are innovating and finding new ways to make sure everyone has a good time.” 

Berman commented, “I want to thank Lilly for creating dialogue about women in the sex toy industry, and for including me in it. I’m definitely a personal fan of all the products in this article, as well as the women behind this positive shift in pleasure product design and marketing, so it’s truly a pleasure to see them in the spotlight — and an absolute honor to be featured alongside such an incredible group. It’s also inspiring to see how many women are innovating and disrupting what used to be the ‘norm’ in the adult toy industry. The future for women innovators in this business, and those seeking high-quality pleasure products, is as bright as ever!” 

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