Jeff Waterstreet Celebrates 40 Years at Eldorado

Jeff Waterstreet Celebrates 40 Years at Eldorado
Stephen Yagielowicz

BROOMFIELD, Colo. — Eldorado Trading Company has announced its celebration of sales account manager Jeff Waterstreet’s 40th year of service to the company.

In the summer of 1977, Waterstreet was job-hunting when he saw an ad in a newspaper for a packing position at Eldorado. He applied and was immediately hired as a warehouse employee. For three years he worked in the warehouse packing paraphernalia until he was offered a job in the sales department as an account manager. Since then Waterstreet has seen Eldorado transition from distributing smoking paraphernalia to selling adult toys, novelties, and lingerie.

“Through his 40 years at Eldorado, Jeff’s career has grown from the warehouse to his current position as account manager on the sales team,” states Eldorado CEO and CFO Wanda Garland. “He experienced Eldorado’s transition from the paraphernalia industry to pleasure products with unwavering ease [and] I want to extend a huge thank you for Jeff’s dedication to Eldorado and congratulate him on his 40 years of service.”

“I have really enjoyed working with the people around me here at Eldorado,” says Waterstreet. “Sarah, my sales support has been a great help and the sales department works well together as a team. You don’t feel like you’re working alone when you are on a solid team like ours.”

Outside of work, Waterstreet enjoys having an adult beverage and playing corn hole at his local watering hole. On the weekends he can be found going out to eat with his wife and spending time with friends. “The only things I watch on TV are the Food Network, HGTV and Lifetime,” Waterstreet adds, “because they have the best movies!”

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