Kelley Cabbana Announces Summer Sale

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Kelley Cabbana is offering a special summer discount to join her official site,

During the month of August, new sign-ups to Cabbana’s site will have a special join rate of $13.99. She has posted a trailer for potential new members, which can be found here.

“Not only have I been a busy girl, I’ve been a bad one,” Cabbana said. “I’ve been making a lot of naughty videos and doing dirty things just to share with my website members. I’m an exhibitionist so it turns me on to know people are watching all of my sexcapades. Naturally, I want more people to see what I get into, so I thought I would do something to encourage new sign-ups.”

Additionally, Cabanna sat down with “The Crack Dojo Podcast” to talk about her career as a web cam model. To listen to the interview, click here.

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