Cartagena Mayor Who Interrupted LALExpo Is Arrested

Cartagena Mayor Who Interrupted LALExpo Is Arrested

CARTAGENA, Colombia — The mayor of Cartagena who interrupted last month’s Latin America Adult Business Expo (LALExpo) has been arrested over alleged influence peddling and bribery charges.

On Wednesday, Cartagena Mayor Manuel Vicente Duque was arrested along with associates José Julián Vásquez and Nubia Fontalvo on the corruption charges.

Duque was recently suspended from his position as mayor over irregularities in the permitting processes after the collapse of a six-story building in the town of Blas de Lezo that resulted in the deaths of 21 people, according to El Colombiano newspaper. Later, the corruption charges were introduced, and he was subsequently arrested.

Duque vehemently opposed the 2017 LALExpo trade show in the coastal city prior to the event last month, and later ordered police to close it down on its second day.

The fourth annual LALExpo got underway to large crowds that attended seminars and the showroom floor, where scores of adult industry sponsors showed off their exclusive models and services they offer. More than 1,300 were expected for the conference and awards program.

But on its second day, LALExpo attendees were shut out of the convention center and many moved on to the conference’s other events held off-site.

LALExpo’s awards show scheduled a day later, however, went on as scheduled.

Several weeks ago, LALExpo organizers released a statement in regards to the conference. It can be read here.

Pictured: Manuel Vicente Duque