Jeff Dillon, GameLink Part Ways

Jeff Dillon, GameLink Part Ways

SAN FRANCISCO — Following 14 years of service to, company Vice President Jeff Dillon has announced that he is moving on in order to pursue new opportunities within the adult industry.

“I’m full of mixed emotions — sad and excited,” Dillon explained. “GameLink was my heart and soul for many years and the people there weren’t just people I worked with, they were my family.”

Dillon said he had taken the company as far as he could, and it is now time for new opportunities.

“After taking some time off to reflect on life, I realized that I haven’t been passionate for some time,” Dillon added. “I am going to focus on my consulting company, Dillonaire Ent., and helping others take their business to new heights.”

Under Dillon’s leadership, he helped position the pioneering online retailer into a leader in adult video-on-demand with a brand that is recognized worldwide. He struck VOD content deals with leading studios and developed GameLink’s affiliate program while implementing strategies to enter ancillary digital markets. In addition, Dillon led recent efforts in building a membership site platform for studios, spearheading client acquisition.

“One of my many passions in life and what truly makes me happy is helping people. It doesn’t matter if it’s in business, fitness or in their personal life. Helping someone make positive changes in their life or in their business is what warms my heart,” Dillon concluded. “I see a lot of great companies in adult that are missing some critical components in their business and I’m now taking this opportunity to use my experience to help businesses take their company to the next level.”

Among its future plans, Dillonaire Ent. is set to launch a new e-commerce and membership platform that will allow users to easily manage a store or membership site from a mobile app. In addition, a range of consulting services include off- and online marketing, customer acquisition and retention strategies, email marketing, affiliate recruitment and management, content monetization strategies, VOD licensing and contract negotiation, SEO, media buying, credit card processing and lowering processing rates, plus business development and PR for both mainstream and adult markets.

For more information, email or Skype jeffreydillon.